e. s. fawkes

fantasy romance author and game developer

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E. S. Fawkes write both traditional and interactive fantasy romance fiction. She is passionate about building darkly beautiful worlds and crafting compelling yet flawed characters.

Her primary project is a Renaissance-esque, low-fantasy interactive novel, The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia, wherein the reader plays as one of seven heirs in a kingdom rife with intrigue. On top of the project itself, she is working on a wiki for readers to reference for more information about the world and characters she's created.

Additionally, she enjoys creating resources for other writers and game developers and is currently working on an in-depth masterlist of symbolism. She hopes to finish it by fall of 2020.

The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia

As the King’s seventh child, you are a prince or princess of Ophaesia, a luxurious nation along the southern coast of Selanes. You are the first child of your father’s third wife, a woman hated throughout the realm due to the pervasive suspicion that she poisoned the previous queen, and her poor reputation taints your image in the eyes of the court and beyond.

From your days in the palace nursery all the way to young adulthood, you navigate treacherous court politics and delicate foreign affairs while trying to find your place in the world – and your family.

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